Artist looks to capture the scene

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AN ARTIST will be taken out of her studio and into the public arena on Saturday.

Nina Cashmore, who lives on Lang Farm, Daventry, will be painting a scene which captures the front entrance of the town’s Waitrose store in Bowen Square.

The Evergreen Art Cafe in Sheaf Street organised the initiative and teamed up with the supermarket.

Nina, who will be there between 10am and 2pm, said: “I tend to paint a lot of scenes around Daventry because I have lived here all of my life and like to paint familiar scenes.”

“I will be including in the picture the Big Issue seller out of the front of the store as he is one of the characters of the town. I like to put people in paintings, I think that is what people look out for.

“I am quite nervous about doing it as I usually paint at home. I have done something similar at Daventry Library recently.

“I am looking forward to it, it will be nice to have a chat with people about how I do things and talk about my painting.”