A night of murder

Murder mysery night at Fawsley
Murder mysery night at Fawsley

Murder, mystery and dinner are to combine with an event coming to Fawsley Hall Hotel next month.

For the first time ever Agatha Christie Limited has allowed her characters and stories to be featured in a live interactive event and After Dark Murder Mystery Events at the event on Friday March 6.

This event takes place over a delicious three course meal and the guests are invited to watch the scenes of evidence unfold before them as Tommy and Tuppence, Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime, become embroiled in the mystery.

The guests will also get the chance to interact with the characters, and question them about the evidence, in order to get to the bottom of the confounding crime and potentially be crowned Super Sleuth of the evening.

After Dark has performed the event at other Hand Picked Hotels, who own Fawsley Hall, and appeared at the International Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay.

Ben Muir, director of After Dark, said: “Now, in 2015, we’ve added even more dates and venues to our tour, so keep your eyes peeled for when the Young Adventurers will be visiting a venue near you.

“The depth of research that has been put into this project is second to none, not only at the stage of writing but also by the actors who play the characters.

“There is such a rich source material to draw from with the characters involved in the Agatha Christie universe, especially Tommy and Tuppence who Agatha aged in real time as the books progressed.

“We wanted to ensure when presenting the show that fans recognised the characters they were interacting with and have a real sense that stood before them are Tommy and Tuppence and even Albert.”

What of those guests who are true Agatha Christie aficionados, won’t they already know the solution to the crime?

“Not necessarily,” Ben tells us, “although we have been given the chance to use Agatha Christie’s stories there was always the sense that we wanted it to be a challenge to the detectives who join us, so we’ve been able to adapt the stories slightly. Agatha Christie’s ingenious plotting is still intact, but there are several ways to reach the conclusion and sometimes being crowned a Super Sleuth isn’t necessarily just about catching the culprit but also spotting all the clues. Plus, for the true fans there’s a lot of fun to be had spotting all the references we’ve put in the show to other Agatha Christie Mysteries. There’s even Agatha trivia in there to look out for too.”

Tickets are priced at £75 per person. For further details or to book call Fawsley Hall Hotel on 0845 072 7482 or visit the website at www.handpickedhotels.co.uk.

Visit www.agathachristiemurdermystery.co.uk for more details on the event.