Treat yourself to outdoor performance of Shakespeare classic Romeo and Juliet in Yelvertoft

After a year of restricted access to outdoor (or any) activities, it was a treat to watch Romeo and Juliet in a beer garden in the sun.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 3:29 pm
Updated Thursday, 10th June 2021, 3:30 pm
Tickets are also available at

The production by the local theatre company, Sudden Impulse, was up to their usual high standards and despite it being one of Shakespeare s tragedies it was interspersed with moments of comedy.

All the actors (some familiar faces, some new) were fantastic in their roles. The play was given much-needed light relief by some of the players.

Romeo and Juliet tells the tale of the two star-crossed lovers. Romeo comes from the noble house of Montague and Juliet from the equally renowned House of Capulet and the two families have been feuding for so long nobody really knows how it started.

Their latest production is Romeo & Juliet.

Prince Escalus tries to end the fighting and put an end to the brawls that regularly spill out onto the streets of Verona.

While I went to the performance at Chapel End Brewery in Nuneaton this week, there are tickets available still for Yelvertoft and I heartily recommend going. For a fantastic price you will get to see Shakespeare performed to a professional level with the added bonus of being outdoors.

This established local theatre company not only put on an array of shows throughout the year (less so recently due to restrictions) but also offer classes for aspiring young actors.

They have appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe as well as various venues throughout the UK.

The next performances take place in Yelvertoft, starting June 25. To book and for more information, visit Tickets start at £13.