Fresh new look for narrowboat in time for music mogul Pete Waterman to open Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally

Father and son give historic narrowboat a makeover

By Lucie Green
Monday, 28th March 2022, 1:54 pm

Father and son boat-painters Dave and Aaron Bishop have given an historic narrowboat a makeover in time for a rally in Braunston.

The Effingham was one of the last working narrowboats built for canal carriers British Waterways – the Admiral Class - by Isaac Pimbolt of Northwich in 1959.

They were constructed to a special design to allow for the shallowing of the canals due to a lack of dredging, and could carry 29 tons of coal, versus 25 tons by the existing pre-war fleet.

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The couple on their narrowboat.

Effingham was privately rescued half-sunk on the Montgomery Canal, North Wales in 2010, and restored by its first owners.

Keith and Jill Astley acquired the boat in 2019, and moved it to Braunston Marina, where they have continued its restoration

Effingham will be joining the parade at the Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally June 25-26, to be opened by legendary musician and song producer Pete Waterman.