Daventry Express columnist Kirsty Beeson speaks out about dog poo

Here's the latest column from our Daventry columnist Kirsty Beeson.

Monday, 10th May 2021, 10:12 am
Kirsty Beeson.
Kirsty Beeson.

Me, I have two active, noisy, school-aged children and everything that they get up to I have to take responsibility for.

That is my job as their parent. As a family we love to eat outside and visit the park and each time we pack up our belongings and our rubbish and responsibly take it home or find a bin. My favourite animal is a dog, I am a total dog person, ask any of my friends with canines, yet I do not feel ready to clean up after a dog or take the time to train one, so I have made the responsible decision to not have one.

Being responsible; it is a choice, but it is the choice that matters. It is about doing the right thing. So how come I am constantly baffled, absolutely bewildered at how there are people in the town who discard items, rubbish, just willy-nilly? Just drop something or let go of a wrapper onto the street or grass without a care in the world, leaving it to be cleaned up by someone else.

I am left stunned at how people can let their dog poop onto a field or even worse a footpath and leave it there, leave poop for children to step in, ride through, spread to their schools and houses, which is then to be cleaned up by someone else.

Lastly I am lost for words at how people cannot or will not feel responsible for the actions of their child? They are left to carry on doing ill to others and the fall-out cleared up by someone else.

This is it isn’t it? ‘Someone else’s job’ I am telling you that it isn’t someone else’s job!

You are responsible for your children; their wrong-doing falls to you. As with letting your dog poop on a path, you should clear it up. As with dropping or leaving your litter in the street or park, you should take it home, it is yours, it is your responsibility!

Now sometimes it is apparent that there may be ‘circumstances’ like ‘I forgot the poop bags’ ‘the bin was overflowing’ ‘I didn’t know where my child was’ all of which I have heard. None of us are infallible, we all make mistakes and we all get it wrong sometimes but we should ask ourselves, have we done the best we can? Were solutions sought? Did you walk back later with a poop bag? Could you have carried your litter in your bag or pockets? Have you apologised for your child’s wrong-doing and educated them?

Please take responsibility for that which belongs to you.

The town will be a much nicer place if we all do it.

There can always be an excuse or a reason, but have you done everything within your remit to not leave it to someone else?

Bee responsible x

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