Daventry woman launches £5,000 project to help and inspire people in the community through arts and crafts

Amanda's dream is to bring the community together and transform lives

By Lucie Green
Wednesday, 16th February 2022, 12:02 pm

A Daventry woman has launched a fundraising project to help improve the lives of people living in the community through arts and crafts.

Amanda Rose Gotsch wants to raise £5,000 to start a 'better lives' project in the town.

She said arts and crafts activities show promise in being able to soothe the ‘fight or flight’ response and help inspire and empower people.

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Amanda wants to help improve lives.

Amanda had the idea after running a shop in Daventry High Street called Emporio Amanda that was forced to close due to high rent. The shop sold arts, crafts, clothes and everything in between.

She told The Gusher: "The shop had a wonderful response in the community and I want to build on this.

"I'd like to start meet ups where people can talk while crafting. I think it would help improve people's confidence and well-being."

Amanda is passionate about starting a group, for people of all ages. She said it would be welcoming and supportive.

She added: "The money raised from GoFundMe would help buy materials to run the sessions and help people get started to work on things they enjoy. I'd also like to have a base where people can show and sell their work.

"Times are really hard at the moment and I feel people in Daventry really need this outlet. We all have something creative in us and I think this could help transform people's lives and outlook."

The fundraiser is also appealing for businesses and individuals to support the project with premises and donations of materials.

To donate to the project visit Amanda's GoFundMe page.

For more information contact Amanda on 07864 904482 or on Facebook.

How arts and crafts can help

Craft can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, loneliness and even dementia, according to research.

Engaging with the arts boosts mental wellbeing.

Craft has long been used to help with anxiety.

It brings people together.