Honour for Daventry gaming guru who lost his battle against aggressive form of cancer

Tributes have been paid to a world-respected gaming guru who lived in Daventry.

By Lucie Green
Monday, 24th May 2021, 10:13 am
Gregg on his travels to The Antarctic .
Gregg on his travels to The Antarctic .

Gregg Chamberlain 50, lost his battle against an aggressive form of cancer in February, just a few months after being diagnosed.

He worked in the gaming industry and now his colleagues have paid tribute to him by remembering him in a game called Elite Dangerous Odessy

Gregg was born in Melbourne, Australia, 1970 and his family moved to Daventry a year later.

Gregg at the Great Wall of China.

He attended Falconer's Hill schools and when he left school he worked at Langhams TV Shop, Fords and Heenan Solictors, all in Daventry.

His sister, Sharon Moore, of Anson Close, Daventry, said: "He would come home from work and go on his computer and try to break games, find the faults and send reports in to the companies that would send these to him.

"He was a member of the Star Trek Club in Daventry, but he also became a bodyguard to the stars of Star Trek and the spin off Stargate at conventions in Canada and USA.

"After mum and dad died, Gregg sold the house in Byron Walk and decided he wanted to work in the computer games world.

Pictured on his travels in Hawaii.

"He went to California to Lucas Arts where they told him to apply for a job in Ireland. He did this and got the job."

She said Gregg loved travelling so he packed everything up and moved to Ireland to work for Electronic Arts EA. He went on launch days all over the world. He used to vlog on games, and

Sharon added: "He got mobbed at conventions. He really was treated like a movie star.

"He then travelled to New Zealand where he worked for Kodak then later working for Frontier Games in Cambridge when he moved back to the UK. They made Jurassic World, Planet Zoo and Elite Dangerous. Gregg started at the bottom and worked his way up to be a Principal, Platform Lead/Senior Tester.

Gregg at the top of the Empire State Building.

"He loved this job and was so happy with the work going on with Elite Dangerous. Gregg put mum and dad's name into the ED game as Norman and Mavis Bingo Palace. He was so thrilled about this."

She said Gregg loved travelling and visiting his other sister Deb Martin in Missouri USA.

"He was also a Harry Potter fan and took me to Harry Potter World a few times," added Sharon.

"Deb and I loved our brother and sister times together. He loved being surrounded by his nieces and nephews when he saw them."

Gregg's adventures included walking the Great Wall of China, a trip to the Antarctic, where he slept on the ice in a tent.

Sharon said: "He was diagnosed with cancer in his leg but quickly deteriorated. He told his girlfriend, Fiona, he loved her on Friday, February 12, which was her birthday. He died just before midday on Valentine's Day."

"A person from his workplace, Frontier, contacted me to say Elite Dangerous Odessey would be released very soon and the company wanted to know if they could include Gregg in the game. My sister and I said of course, he loved this game. A few weeks passed and Frontier were in touch again, they suggested some names and as a family we choose 'Chamberlain's Rest'."

Sharon and Deb and their families said they are proud of what Gregg achieved and now he lives on in the game he loved so much.