Have fun and get fit to Drum 'n' Bass sounds with new Daventry fitness classes taking UK by storm

Sessions combine boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing techniques

By Lucie Green
Tuesday, 15th March 2022, 2:35 pm

High intensity fitness classes are coming to Daventry with a warning attached - you could get addicted.

The sessions combine boxing, kickboxing and Thai boxing techniques on free-standing bags with a nightclub atmosphere.

Fight Klub was created by one of the UK and Europe's leading fitness presenters, Troy Dureh. Troy, who is supported by leading brand names and is also one of the most sought after trainers in celebrity circles, after success in many other fields, went on to create the 'Group Bag Boxing' concept in 2003 (followed swiftly by many other combat based workouts) all of which are housed under the umbrella brand, Fight Klub.

Meet your instructors - Chris and Claire.

The first event in Daventry is free.

FK instructor Clare Tolmie-jackson, who will be running the Daventry classes with Chris Williams, said: "We are so excited to be bringing Fight Klub to Daventry, finally.

"We want others to get addicted to this as much as we are.

"Chris and I, along with our family and friends, have followed Fight Klub ever since we were hooked back in 2016 when we attended their roadshow pop up event in Coventry and have followed them around ever since.

Get ready for the launch.

"We love Fight Klub because you get a huge sense of belonging to the Fight Klub family, the awesome music and having fun whilst getting a good workout."

She said Fight Klub creates a community wherever it goes.

The first class, which is free, takes place Daventry Sports Park Pavilion on Friday, April 22, with Master Fight Klub Instructor 'Hugh Sharper Harper' from 6pm - 7.30pm. To book this, visit fightklub.link/daventry On Facebook visit Fight Klub (Daventry Branch), Instagram - fight_klub_daventry or email [email protected]

Sessions then take place after this event from Friday, April 29 at 6pm for an hour and then every Friday.

Registration opens 5.30pm. Session-goers should please bring own refreshments and their own padded training gloves (these can be either fully enclosed or fingerless). There will be some available to purchase on the day along with other merchandise.