Have a go at exciting sport in Daventry with fencer taught by three time Olympian and Die Another Day stunt double

People new to fencing invited to free class

Friday, 10th June 2022, 9:41 am

Adults and children in Daventry are invited to fencing lessons taught by a sportsman mentored by a three time Olympian.

Robert Parsons runs classes at St Augustine’s Church Hall in London Road.

He was taught by Steve Paul, a three time Olympian who doubled for Pierce Brosnan in the fencing scenes for Die Another Day.

Robert said: “He always pressed enjoyment so I follow his philosophy. We play games and have a fencing dummy we practice with and the children are encouraged to write their names on. We also spar and I do 1-2-1s if asked.”

Sessions take place on Friday afternoons and evenings from 4pm-5pm, 5pm-6pm, 6pm-7pm, 7pm-8pm and 8pm-9pm. It costs £5.50 for children and £6.50 for adults. Courses are paid in six week blocks.

Robert said: “All kit is provided as I realised this was holding people back from wanting to fence. I bought loads of sets myself to give people the chance to try the sport.

"Lessons progress from plastic swords through to full, metal, electric kit. The whole point has always been to introduce people to fencing and instill a love of the sport.”

Fencing is the recreational sport of swordplay that can be enjoyed by people of any age, and offers a multitude of benefits. Fencing is both a physical and a mental workout, in which fencers learn to hone their strategies against opponents of varying skill levels, and build up physical endurance, agility, and accuracy.

Readers who are new to fencing are invited to a free lesson with Robert. Email [email protected], stating you have seen this article.

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