Daventry mum's challenge in honour of daughter with potentially fatal skin condition

When Daventry mum Dani Foley gave birth to her daughter exactly a year ago, little did she know of the long battle ahead.

By Lucie Green
Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 1:24 pm
Dani with her daughter Saorise.
Dani with her daughter Saorise.

The new mother was immediately told about a large birthmark on her baby girl's back.

Dani said: "We didn't know what had caused it or if it would cause Saoirse issues as she grew older. Thanks to Covid we couldn't see professionals for months."

Saoirse was diagnosed with congenital melanocytic nevi which causes birthmarks or moles over a large portion of the body.

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Saoirse is celebrating her first birthday.

"My daughter's covers her upper back and shoulders," added Dani.

"Saoirse's is cosmetic, but some children aren't as lucky. For some it's fatal. We have had a fantastic team behind her at Great Ormand Street Hospital are beyond what any parent could hope for on their team. But they need support."

Saoirse had an MRI scan of her brain and spine when she was six months old to check for pigmentations or fluid pockets which can cause seizures and development delays.

"In some rarer cases it can cause fatal tumours," added Dani.

Saoirse's back.

"We thankfully were told that her MRI scan was normal and Saoirse's was just cosmetic."

The mum decided to do something to help other children with the condition. She has just completed a 244-mile walk to raise funds and awareness for the charity Caring Matters Now. She has nearly raised £450 for the charity.

The charity funds medical research and helps support those who have been affected by CMN.

Dani said: "It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

"I just kept pushing myself and thoughts of Saoirse got me to the end."

She paid tribute to her 'happy' and 'cheeky' little girl.

Dani said: "Saorise is very impatient. She learned to walk at nine and a half months just to keep up with her older sisters!"

It's Saorise's birthday on Saturday (April 24), which is why Dani chose to walk 244 miles.

She would like to thank everybody who has supported her.

Dani said: " My aim is to make everyone aware of CMN.

To donate, search for Dani Robson, Caring Caring Matters Now, on Just Giving.