Covid-19 drop-in vaccination clinics now open for boosters and third primary doses in Northamptonshire

Walk in sessions continue to be open to anyone over 16 years of age who is yet to get their first vaccine dose or is eligible for a second dose

By Megan Hillery
Thursday, 28th October 2021, 11:35 am
Updated Thursday, 28th October 2021, 11:36 am

Selected Covid-19 drop-in vaccination clinics across Northamptonshire are now open for boosters and third primary doses for those eligible.

Drop-in clinics have opened more sessions across the county to accommodate those eligible for booster and third primary doses in a bid to vaccinate as many people as possible against Covid-19.

Director of Northamptonshire’s Covid-19 vaccination programme, Chris Pallot, said: “It’s really encouraging to see drop-in clinics open to so many groups this week. The more people we can vaccinate ahead of winter, the safer it will be everyone.

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More drop-in Covid-19 vaccination clinics have opened for booster and third primary jabs.

"If you know of anyone who hasn’t yet come forward for their jab for whatever reason, please let them know that their vaccine is waiting for them and remind them of the importance of getting protected against this deadly virus.

“We know that getting vaccinated is our best protection against coronavirus and helps slow the spread of infection. We need to all work together, every jab makes a difference to our communities and loved ones. This is our best hope for moving forward – whether you book an appointment or visit a local vaccine site, don’t delay. Delaying is putting others at risk.

“I would strongly recommend you visit for the latest information on bookings and drop-in sessions as more appointments and locations are becoming available daily. Your vaccination is waiting for you.”

Walk-in sessions continue to be open to anyone over 16 years of age, who is yet to take up the offer of a first vaccine dose or is eligible for a second dose at least eight weeks after their first.

Who is eligible for a Covid-19 booster dose?

Those eligible for a booster dose include people aged over 50, those who are clinically vulnerable and unpaid carers. They will receive letters and text messages confirming their eligibility for a booster if their second dose of vaccine was administered at least six months ago.

As well as being able to book their booster dose by visiting the NHS website or calling 119, they can now choose to visit a drop-in clinic for their jab, with sessions offering boosters available over the coming week in Corby, Northampton, and South Northamptonshire.

Frontline health and social care workers, who are not able to access a booster through their employer, can also book online or attend a local drop-in clinic.

What is the difference between a third primary dose and a booster dose?

Experts have recommended a third dose for people who have a severely weakened immune system because they may require an additional dose to obtain adequate protection from Covid-19. Those eligible will receive a letter from their GP or Consultant.

Although these vaccinations are mainly being delivered by the GP or Vaccination Centre, these individuals can now attend a local drop-in clinic offering 3rd primary doses, as long as they bring the letter with them which identifies them as eligible. Sessions are currently available at six clinics across the county. Please note, those eligible for a 3rd primary dose cannot book appointments on the NHS website or via 119.

Where can I go for a first or second dose?

Eight clinics continue to be open across Northamptonshire for all those aged over 16, who need a first or second dose of the vaccine.

The Vaccination Centre at Moulton Park is open from Thursday to Saturday this week for a number of walk-in sessions, including first vaccinations for those aged 16 and 17.

There are first and second vaccines for those aged 18 and over, booster jabs and third primary doses for those eligible.

Where can my 12-15 year old child get their Covid-19 vaccination?

The Covid-19 booking service opened this week for those aged between 12 and 15, giving parents and guardians more choice where their children can get their jabs. Children can be vaccinated at school or parents and guardians can book appointments for their children, at local vaccination sites, by visiting or calling 119.

The move is designed to ensure that those who have not had the opportunity to be vaccinated at their school can still find a jab elsewhere rather than having to wait.

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