Scientists will study data to decide if Northamptonshire goes into Tier Four

Here's 12 areas of Northamptonshire with the biggest number Covid-19 positive tests

Latest tiers review due this week to decide if all or part of county remains 'Very High Risk'

By Kevin Nicholls
Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 2:40 pm

Scientists are due to meet this week to decide if Northamptonshire remains in Tier Three or moves closer to starting 2021 in a full lockdown.

Epidemiologists from the Joint Biosecurity Centre will lead studies into how Covid-19 is spreading across the country.

Northamptonshire is currently 25 per cent lower than Bedford and Peterborough and about half the figure Milton Keynes was when the shock announcement was made to put the three near-neighbours into Tier Four earlier this month.

But three local boroughs — Wellingborough, Northampton and South Northamptonshire — have seen such increases in the number of positive tests the Government could consider splitting the county in two.

There are 17 'Middle Layer Super Output Areas' in the county which are ahead of Peterborough's current overall rate of 411.8 positive tests per week per 100,000 people — most of the them in and around Northampton.

Of those, Abington Vale has the highest rate of 713.4.

One area including Earls Barton and Great Doddington, plus another in Central Wellingborough are among 11 others with rates in excess of 450.

Two areas of Kettering and three in Corby all have rates under 200.

Nearly one in ten of people getting tested in the county are turning out to be positive, with many of them in the older or vulnerable age groups, and that figure has doubled in the last month.

Yet the overall rate across Northamptonshire is still hovering just over 300 compared to a whopping 865 down the M1 in Milton Keynes.

Non-essential shops and businesses can remain open in Tier Three areas, but must close in Tier Four.

You check the current situation in your postcode on the Government interactive map HERE.

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