Northamptonshire’s vaccine director ‘confident’ all over 18s will be offered booster by the end of the year

There are a quarter of a million left to deliver but the vaccine boss believes there is enough capacity and supply to achieve the target

The director of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Northamptonshire is ‘confident’ all over 18s will be offered a booster jab by the end of 2021.

Speaking at a Northamptonshire Covid-19 press briefing today (December 16), Chris Pallot reassured the public that there are enough resources and capacity to meet the Prime Minister’s end of the year deadline.

According to the vaccine boss, 286,000 boosters have already been delivered across the county and there are around a quarter of a million left to be delivered.

Director of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Northamptonshire, Chris Pallot.

Mr Pallot said: “We’ve made a good start and most of our capacity is in GPs and pharmacies.

“It will be coming on stream towards the end of this week. We are expecting a delivery of vaccines tomorrow (December 17).

“We have good capacity in place and the supply of vaccines is high enough to make sure an offer is made to everyone.

“The opportunity is there for people to access (a booster) and I am confident that we will make the progress and hit that end of year target.”

Mr Pallot also added that the service is still there for anyone who is yet to receive their first or second jabs. He encouraged those people to get in touch and book a vaccine.

Extra evening appointments will be added at the vaccination centre in Moulton Park and GPs and pharmacies will be taking on more and more boosters to ensure the target is met.

Mr Pallot highlighted the 18-50 cohort as the age bracket where most remaining boosters are left to be offered and once again encouraged those people to come forward.

Many of those who are yet to get their booster will have started to receive messages from their GPs, with links to book an appointment.