Can you help terminally ill Daventry man create his dream garden?

A terminally ill Daventry man is appealing for help so he can enjoy what might be his last summer in his garden.

Monday, 12th April 2021, 8:54 am
Martin wanted to enjoy spring and summer in his garden.

A terminally ill Daventry man is appealing for help so he can enjoy what might be his last summer in his garden.

Martin Spiers, who has COPD and uses oxygen, parted company with a team of landscape gardeners who had he called in to make his garden level so he could access it using his mobility scooter.

Now the garden is left in a half-finished state and he and his wife, Jacqui, are desperate to find someone to finish the work.

Martin left 'heartbroken'.

Jacqui, who also has mobility issues, told The Gusher: “Given how Martin’s illness has declined over recent months, we just wanted a

garden to enjoy as he fears this may well be his last summer.

“My husband posted on a Nextdoor community site asking if a landscaper was available and could please finish our garden makeover.”

Martin has been left heartbroken by the situation, Jacqui said.

Martin has spent years helping other people.

“We wanted this completing as soon as possible so he would be able to enjoy and get out into the garden from the spring.

“It’s so sad because Martin is a proud man who through his life has always tried to help others.

“He has volunteered in a homeless shelter and purchased two decommissioned fire engineers, having them recommissioned, then assisting in two convoy trips across Europe, delivering the first to Neum in Bosnia and the second to Pula town in Croatia under Operation Florian.

“Knowing his health was declining and there would come a point when he wouldn’t be able to venture further than the garden, Martin wanted a garden that he could access with his mobility scooter, tend to the raised beds and smell the flowers. We also wanted to have somewhere nice where we could sit outside with friends and enjoy a beer and a few laughs.”

She said Martin is finding the situation difficult to deal with.

“We are very grateful to a local man who has offered to co-ordinate and help move things along, naming the project ‘Garden SOS’.

“He has already been joined by a bricklayer and a few other kind locals willing to lend a hand.

“Without wishing it to sound over dramatic, Martin says at this stage of his life he is desperately trying to get everything completed before it’s too late as he fears I will be left to deal with it and he doesn’t want that.”

Could you help the Spiers in any way? The Daventry Express would love to hear from you.