Brave five-year-old Daventry boy rings 999 after mummy collapses on kitchen floor

‘Hero’ Oliver to the rescue

Wednesday, 15th June 2022, 10:43 am

A five-year-old boy from Daventry has been praised for his efforts after ringing 999 when his mum collapsed on the kitchen floor.

Student nurse Codi Pow fell ill at her home on Sunday afternoon.

But it was the quick-thinking actions of her eldest boy that saved her.

Codi with her son Oliver, 5.

Codi, who has health problems that could increase her risk of stroke and heart issues, said: “I’m so proud of Oliver. I don’t know what I would’ve done if he hadn’t acted so bravely and quickly.”

She was originally in hospital with chest pain, swelling to her neck and a lump in the same area.

Codi went on: “I had my bloods done, chest X-Ray and ECG before being sent home. I was told to see my GP. By 6.30pm I had a high temperature, heart rate of 152 and blood pressure of 196/124.”

The mother of three boys collapsed in her kitchen.

Oliver, 5, dialled 999 when his mum collapsed.

Codi said: “Oliver was calling my name and took my phone and told me he was calling an ambulance. He told them mummy was on the floor and was crying in pain. He gave our address and then his nan took over the call.”

Oliver got his mother a blanket before helping her to the sofa and answering the door to the paramedics.

"Doctors said there was infection showing in my blood from the morning so they gave me antibiotics and pain relief,” added Codi.

"As a student nurse I’ve always found it important for the kids to know what to do in case of emergency. I’ve suffered from high blood pressure since a young age so I’m at a higher risk of a heart attack and stoke.”

Codi, also mum to Fraser, 3, and Carter, 1, paid tribute to her ‘little hero’.

“Obviously now I feel comfortable with Oliver knowing what to do if ever I needed help in the future. I feel amazed how clever he is for his age and extremely proud; I don’t know what would happen if he was in bed.”

This newspaper has contacted the ambulance service for a comment.