Underground, overground wombling free, meet the wonderful wombles of Daventry...

Daventry Wombles are out in force and they mean business.

Thursday, 8th April 2021, 2:35 pm
Some of the members of Daventry Wombles.
Some of the members of Daventry Wombles.

They are part of a Facebook group aiming to clean up litter in the district.

Daventry Litter Wombles was launched to bring together those who wanted to improve the environment and raise awareness.

Monica de Bokx started the Daventry group, which is a subdivision of Northampton Litter Wombles.

Start them young...Eleanor Townend,16 months, joins Daventry Wombles.

She said: "This group is for people who care about the environment and who are passionate about making a difference.

"We are primarily litter pickers in and near Daventry. The aim of the group is to raise awareness of the litter issue and to encourage others to go out there and clear up their local areas."

Some members are joined by their children who are aged from two upwards.

"We have some members who are in their 70s," added Monica, who is joined by many non-member residents in her campaign.

Litter from one of the DW's collections.

"We advise people with younger children to check out #litterheroes, which is a Daventry Town Council run group who normally litterpick once a month, usually in one of the parks or other green open space, but don't currently organise due to Covid restrictions."

Daventry Litter Wombles take to the streets and green areas whenever it suits them.

Monica said: "DLW have been, and still will be for a while to come, addressing historical litter, of which Daventry is full. There's lots of in and under hedgerows, greenery and next to roads. Occasionally we also clear underpasses of glass."

She said Daventry is full of underpasses and they are a hotspot for drink parties.

Litter of all shapes and sizes is collected in the Daventry District.

"Unfortunately, bottle smashing has become all too common," she added.

"Overall the litter issue seems to have increased over lockdown, but we will help keep on wombling and make Daventry a great place to live again."

Join the Daventry Litter Wombles on Facebook to find out how you can get involved.

Lazy dog owners leave bags of collected mess on trees for others to clean up.
Daventry Litter Wombles spread the word with their own hi-vis vests.