Take a trip down Memory Lane with the Gusher's latest pictures from Weedon and Daventry

It's time for another nostalgic trip down Memory Lane.

Friday, 22nd October 2021, 1:59 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd October 2021, 2:00 pm
All aboard!

For this feature, we head back back to the 1950s for fantastic fete pictures taken in Weedon.

The first features F J C Leatherland's lorry. The founder of the firm, Fred Leatherland, built his reputation on high quality individual houses and never needed to advertise in order to attract new business.

One of his sons, Geoff Leatherland, previously said: "The picture would have been taken in the late 1950s and includes my brother John Leatherland in the middle of the three boys standing up at the front of the lorry.

Beautiful belles at Weedon Fete.

"The boy next to him, nearer the camera, is Barry Turner from Weedon and the boy furthest away from the camera, sitting down, is Johnny Walker, also from Weedon. The boy in the Scout uniform at the back of the lorry is Malcolm Ogle, who moved to Daventry. "

Our next picture was taken at a school sports day in Daventry on June 12, 1958.

It shows Joe Warne and Pamela Green. They were representing Daventry Grammar School at the South Northants Sports Championships.

Do you know any of the other faces in our photographs or have you got any pictures for our Memory Lane feature? Please email [email protected]

Clowning around in the 1950s.
A sports presentation from the 1950s.