Schools in Northamptonshire will not reopen before March, Prime Minister announces

Pupils will not return before March 8

Schools will not reopen until at least March 8
Schools will not reopen until at least March 8

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has today shelved hopes of children getting back to school after the February half-term.

But he has promised that next month he will publish a 'roadmap' of restrictions for the nation.

Mr Johnson made his statement to the Commons this afternoon following demands for clarity over the timetable for pupils to return to school.

He had hinted at the start of this month's lockdown that schools could reopen after half-term, giving hope to parents who are struggling to home school.

The new statement means lockdown is likely to continue until at least March 8, as the government has always made it clear that reopening schools would be a first priority when easing the restrictions.

Schools throughout Northamptonshire remain open only to vulnerable children and those whose parents are keyworkers.