‘Well-supported’ Northamptonshire farm shop with ‘little courtyard’ sells ‘amazing’ local produce

The shop with “friendly customers” sells a range of locally sourced produce including meat and vegetables, as well as drinks and cakes

A Northamptonshire farm shop with a “little courtyard” sells “amazing” local produce.

Philippa’s Farm Shop, located in the heart of Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire, offers a range of bread, cakes, meat, pies, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, coffees, plants, and more.

The farm shop in High Street is available for small event catering and offers buffets as well.

Philippa Reeve (Pippa), 24, Philippa’s Farm Shop’s owner, was raised on a farm with her family.

Pippa started her business in a converted horse trailer back in April 2021, selling coffee, tea, cakes, and local produce.

With "brilliant support" from friends and family, she started renting the High Street unit in February 2023 and opened her shop. She said: “It’s going really well. It’s really well supported. So many friends and friendly customers have popped in with advice. We’re just getting ready for Christmas now.”

The shop greets residents with plant and flower stands at the entrance. Inside the shop, there are fridges, meat product counters, and display units, which are home to local produce, bread, cakes, and even cupboard essentials.

“We do a lot of cooking in-house, so we make all our amazing cakes ourselves. We have a little courtyard outside for customers to sit and have a coffee as well,” said Pippa.

Pippa sells a selection of “popular” Christmas hampers in preparation for the holiday season and her attendance at the Kislingbury Christmas Market on Saturday, November 25.

Residents can set a budget for a hessian bag or a small or large box with long-lasting products that can be kept under the tree until Christmas. People have the option to include refrigerated products in the hampers.

The business can be hired for “hassle-free” small event catering. In addition to teas, coffees, and cakes, Pippa can provide food, disposable trays, on-site staff to serve and clear, and more. People can contact her at 07903 398533 for more details.

Philippa’s Farm Shop is open weekly from Tuesday through Friday, between 8am to 5pm, and on Saturdays from 8am to 1pm.

Take a look at the pictures below from the farm shop, including a selection of the items offered.