Weedon Bec firm shares energy saving tips for businesses to help with price hike

‘It’s becoming a really big issue’

Friday, 10th June 2022, 1:03 pm
Ellie with colleagues at Clear Utility Solutions sales director Chris Draper and Ben Gunn, director.
Ellie with colleagues at Clear Utility Solutions sales director Chris Draper and Ben Gunn, director.

A Weedon Bec business has shared energy saving tips to help firms struggling with energy price hikes.

Staff at Clear Utility Solutions are keen to ensure businesses in Daventry District aren’t forced to quit due to spiraling costs.

Commercial energy consultant Ellie Cunningham said: “We are here to help get rid of that bill anxiety a lot of businesses have at the moment as it's becoming a huge issue.

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"Many businesses are just simply ignoring the subject and are overpaying on their utilities as a result and we want to help.”

Know your contract27 percent of UK businesses are sitting on either an inflated variable tariff or an emergency rate. Do you know when the contract ends for each of your energy supplies and sites. When was the last time you checked what type of contract you have, what you need to do to terminate it and what happens when that contract expires?

Beat relevant dateYour relevant date is the last day on which you can enter a valid termination notice and either switch to a new tariff or change supplier at the end of your contract without incurring expensive variable or out of contract rates, you will always find this along with your actual contract end date on your bill. Did you know a termination notice can be posted at any point during your contract lifetime in line with your supplier’s terms and conditions?

Smart metersYour current supplier is obligated to provide you with a smart meter free of charge. Smart meters put you in control of your energy helping you to see in near real time where you can save.

Manage consumptionIt sounds obvious, but many businesses are simply too busy to consider what they can physically do to save energy and money, often small business owners are unaware of the cost implications of leaving appliances running unnecessarily. Simple habits such as switching everything off at night or keeping an eye on that air conditioning unit in the summer and thermostat in the winter can make a big difference. Make sure you have the latest energy efficient bulbs fitted especially in locations where lights are often left on for long periods, a modern LED bulb can emit the same light as a traditional 60 watt incandescent bulb for as little as 15 watts a cost saving of 75%!

Upgrade appliancesA lot of older fridges, heaters and boilers are less energy efficient and actually end up guzzling energy at a frightening rate as they grow older. And due to new operating standards, newer appliances are way more energy efficient and can help you lower your energy bill.

Arrange new contract Nobody likes rushing around at last minute to get things done. And with the recent price increase trend, it actually is cheaper the earlier you arrange for your new contract to start. At the very least we advise customers to arrange a new contract within 30 days of their old contracts end date to allow time for the switch to take place, as sometimes new contracts can take a while to process resulting in customers falling into emergency tariff.

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