Teenage Daventry Dancing Queen needs help to realise her childhood dream

A teenage Dancing Queen from Daventry fears she will have to quit her childhood dream unless she finds sponsorship.

Friday, 9th April 2021, 10:31 am
Updated Friday, 9th April 2021, 11:58 am
Emily loves to dance.
Emily loves to dance.

Emily Walker, 16, first put on her dancing shoes at the tender age of three.

She excels in a number of styles of dance: ballet, tap, modern, lyrical, contemporary, as well as Ballroom and Latin

Emily, a student at Parker E-ACT in Daventry consistently achieves the highest grade possible in her dance exams and attends two dance schools - LoveBallet in South and DanceChamp in Rugby.

Emily with one of her many dancing awards.

Her mother, Jo, said: "Emily has previously danced at the Royal Albert Hall with LoveBallet twice, the second time taking the lead role of Harry Potter.

"She has also competed in the National Championships at Blackpool with DanceChamp - in 2019 she achieved a 4th place for Ballroom."

Emily's ballet teachers have encouraged her to apply to study dance after finishing year 11. She has applied to the Hammond School in Cheshire to study the Level 6 diploma (degree standard).

Jo said: "This is only one of 14 schools in the country that even offer this course.

"Hundreds applied, with only 40 being offered a place. The top 25% of these students are considered for DADA funding. Emily was considered, but did not get this."

The fees are £6,100 per term, plus £4,500 for the boarding.

"This is for three terms per year for three years,"

"As a teacher, this is more than my salary after tax! It does seem a rather social injustice that students who are not as talented as her will be able to go, simply because their parents are wealthier."

Jo added: "If we don't get the funding, Emily will have to give up her dream. We would be heartbroken."

The family would love to hear from businesses who may be able to help Emily on her journey. If you can help, email [email protected]