Starry-eyed viewers swoon over Daventry University Challenge contestant Atyab and his 'warm honey' voice

Starry-eyed viewers tuned in to see Daventry University Challenge contestant Atyab Rashid on Monday night.

By Lucie Green
Thursday, 9th December 2021, 3:12 pm
Atyab Rashid's picture on Facebook.
Atyab Rashid's picture on Facebook.

But it was King's College London captain's 'warm honey' voice that's created a stir.

He told The Gusher: "All the coverage has been very flattering."

Atyab was back on BBC2 quiz show this week and viewers took to social media straight away.

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Quiz master Jeremy Paxman. Picture: Getty Images.

One fan suggested: 'If he read the phonebook, I'd buy the audiobook'

His team were victorious too, beating Hertford College Oxford by 165 to 115.

@wendywoo_rarara commented: 'Ohhhh it's Mr Rashid with the loveliest voice. I've been waiting for this one.'

Another fan, @wendzedin, said: '#Rashid has hypnotised and seduced 95% of viewers tonight, it’s an unprecedented phenomenon.'

Smooth-voiced Atyab. Picture from Facebook.

@Beltane_ added: 'Can I please marry Rashid's voice?' and @DebsLakin penned: 'I love Rashid’s beautiful voice - he makes the Queen sound common!'