Learning made fun for busy young bees at Brington and Whilton

Eager young students at Brington and Whilton Preschool get a real buzz from learning.

Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 3:33 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th April 2021, 3:34 pm
Learning about bees at the preschool.

They enjoyed a visit from two village beekeepers who brought in an observation hive for the staff and children to look at.

Patricia Dominici, manager of the pre-school in Whilton village, said: “The children absolutely loved seeing the bees so close up and were really interested in the different parts of the hive, all the different jobs the bees have

"They told us all about the lifecycle of a bee, the different types of bees and how they make honey and wax. We also got to taste the delicious honey the bees produce and felt some wax that the bees had made."

Learning made fun.

The hive showed the children a real working bee hive with a queen bee, worker bees and honey bees. They also got to see the wax and honey the bees make in the hive and enjoyed a yummy honey tasting session too.

Patricia added: “We love to invite lots of different fascinating visitors into the pre-school for the children to learn from and to be able to learn and understand more about the world around them."

Children also learned about Earth Day and various ways of doing their bit to improve the planet.

Patricia said: "We learned about ways of saving water, planting flowers and trees, turning off lights when we don't need them on and remembering to take a bag shopping and to recycle at home.

Finished honey products.

"We then all went out to do a litter pick in the village finding plastic, bags and glass. I'd like to say well done to everyone for another great day of learning and fun."

For more information on the pre-school, visit /www.bringtonandwhiltonpreschool.org.uk/

Children enjoy learning at pre-school.