Immerse in a world of fun and fantasy at exciting attraction for all the family in Staverton

All aboard for a day of fun and fantasy in Staverton!

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 9:30 am
Two lane drag track.

Ambitious expansion plans have taken place at Daventry Miniature Race Cars which now includes a Miniature World.

Daventry Express readers are entitled to a discount to the attraction, which reopens on May 17, with guaranteed fun for all the family.

It's just off the A425 and includes miniature race cars, from slotfire tracks to digital Scalextric and miniature trains with American railroads.

A picture from our library of Sean working his magic.

Test your skills with flight simulators that include drones, aeroplanes, jet fighters and endless challenges.

Visitors can also immerse in movie dioramas and brick-built interactive worlds and have the chance to explore a world of miniatures with brick built movie dioramas including Star Wars®, Batman®, Pirates of the Caribbean®, Harry Potter® and more.

Owner Sean Unit is looking forward to opening the doors back to the public after the coronavirus lockdown.

He said it's not just about children - people of all ages are encouraged to get in on the excitement.

Best of British brick-built display.

Sean said: "“It’s amazing the following it has, and the different age groups too."

The club has a drag track and a model railway line that circles its mezzanine.

“There is nothing else like it, it’s unusual," Sean added.

Visitors to Daventry Miniature Race Cars will find a mezzanine packed with a range of race tracks suited to different levels of ability.

Enchanting winter wonderland scenes.

Along one side of the mezzanine is a 50ft drag track, equivalent in scale to a quarter mile, and a railway line runs all around the room which, when the locomotive chugs into gear, blasts out realistic sounds and moves just like the real thing.

Sean said there's another motivation behind Daventry Miniature Race Cars and Miniature World.

“I want to get the kids involved in modelling, get them off the Xbox, and the parents do too,” he said.

“I know we all have a go on the console but it’s destroying the imagination of the kids. I have to say when I start the locomotive up and the dads are up here racing they do stop and get their phones out.”

The Gusher discount code gives the user 10% off ticket prices for the whole of May (all tickets must be booked on the website). Enter code ‘DavExp21’ at the checkout when you visit the website,

Prices start at £32 for a group of up to three people.

There's reduced group booking prices due to the ‘rule of 6’, and these reduced rates are for exclusive use of the facilities (which usually costs in excess of £80).

There's more information on, email [email protected] telephone 07764 897980.