Friends set up new charity in preparation for ‘the biggest nature and art exhibition in the UK’ 2025

The charity’s launch is scheduled for celebration with an exhibition at a Northamptonshire location with “stunning views”

Two friends set up a new charity in preparation for “the biggest nature and art exhibition in the UK” scheduled for 2025.

The nonprofit organisation Immercia in Nature is set to deliver environment-themed events and activities to provide “more access to the outdoors and art together” for both adults and children in Northamptonshire.

The charity's launch is set to be celebrated in 2025 with an art exhibition and an auction event, with guests including both established and up-and-coming local artists.

Elizabeth Mary-Jane Farmer (Lizzy), 41, a self-employed forager, and Eleanor Loseby (Ellie), 23, an illustrator, are the founders of the Immercia in Nature charity.

Lizzy said: “I teach people about wild food. I supply wild food to chefs. I've always wanted to do something a bit bigger. Foraging work is lovely, but it's seasonal.

“We became good friends, and we were looking at doing something that was fun and that we both had invested an interest in in terms of what is important for us in life, our goals, and giving us a challenge.”

Lizzy, a mother of four from Woodford Halse, has been a full-time forager for more than three years. She holds foraging meetings and workshops teaching people about their well-being and mindfulness while they are encouraged to “treasure hunt” for “good quality ingredients” in nature.

Lizzy and Ellie met at one of the forager sessions led by Lizzy and have been friends ever since.

Ellie has been working in the art industry and selling her work since she was 14 years old. It all began one day when she shared some of her artwork on Facebook. Ellie decided to pursue her hobby further at 16 years old. After completing a degree course in art and animation in 2021, she embarked on a career as an illustrator, primarily working on children's books.

Ellie said: “I love it. It’s really nice to be able to combine what we do. We’d like to give children and adults more access to the outdoors and art together because I think they are so linked. We want to offer new opportunities at as little a cost as possible.

“Hopefully that will spread a bit of creativity and inspiration for people. We are providing different experiences and getting people out and about.”

The Immercia in Nature charity is currently being set up. The name of the charity is a play on words that combines the idea of immersing yourself in art with the term Mercia, which was used to refer to the Midlands until 1475.

Lizzy said: “We’re delivering inclusive nature and environment-themed workshops and content outside of class sessions, either educational or for wellbeing or creative purposes, to help people's mental health through nature.

“We want to get people outside to benefit from nature as much as possible along the creative route.”

The charity’s launch is set to be celebrated with an exhibition between June 28 and 29, 2025, at Cool Contours in Warden Hill Farm.

The venue at Chipping Warden, in Banbury, offers accommodation and a rustic barn conversion with a large open-plan events room and a courtyard with “stunning views.”

“My ideal goal is that this will be on the map as the biggest nature and art exhibition in the UK.

“It’s very exciting. People are already keen to support us. I don’t want to cry, but it’s just to show people that you can do stuff; you can meet your goals and dreams,” said Lizzy.

As the charity grows, Lizzy and Ellie intend to involve other local charities and schools for workshops, activities, and community groups.

Ellie said: “This is the early stages. It would be really good to have people’s support.”

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