Exciting changes as Lucy steers Flore Pre-School 'back to basics' and into the future

Exciting changes are taking place at Flore Pre-School after it was selected from thousands of entries for a bursary scheme.

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 1:39 pm
Lucy Macleod.

Staff are now working towards 'Curiosity Approach Accreditation' for the school, which has been established for more than 20 years.

Lucy Macleod, who runs the school, wanted a more 'home from home' setting for the children.

She told the Daventry Express: "I saw that they hold a bursary twice a year and I applied.

Making positive changes at the pre-school.

"I put my heart into the application and also attached a powerpoint that I made for the application. I was aware that thousands apply so I waited, and to much shock we got accepted.

Lucy started by getting rid of all plastic items in the setting and results have been interesting.

"I let the children explore household items," she said.

"A big change was introducing china plates. We've had a few breaks but the thought process behind it I implore. Children will throw plastic plates and cups around as they know they will not break and bounce back, but what are they learning from this? So introducing china plates shows them to look after items, and the feel and smell is much more heuristic opposed to plastic. It ignites many conversations as we talk about the items at home too."

Back to basics at Flore Pre-School.

She said it's been an 'amazing' start to the course.

"The is change already is clear to see," Lucy added.

"We decided we needed some resources and as Covid has put a halt to any fundraising and we needed som natural resources on a budget, my partner Simon Jones, who is a keen carpenter stepped in to help out."

Simon has made some amazing creations, sparked by the project.

Lucy said: "We decided to start a business called 'Bespoke Curiosity Woodwork' that people will be able to find on Facebook.

"We are all really excited for Flore Pre-School's future and the children are having a great time too."

Spaces are available at the pre-school. Email [email protected]