Daventry’s first escape room is planned to open soon at ‘Aladdin's Cave’

“We are very much unique to the UK”

Daventry’s first escape room is set to open in the town by the end of the year.

Daventry Miniature Race Cars, an entertainment venue and racetrack on the road between the town and Staverton, is currently building the puzzle room at their location.

Sean Unit, 63, Daventry Miniature Race Cars owner, offers miniature race tracks and railways, flight simulators, a miniature world and brick-built dioramas at the venue.

He said: “We've tripled its size with so many different things we've got here now. Often when people come here, they refer to it as Aladdin's Cave.

“There is something new here every month. We are very much unique to the UK. It's a unique experience.”

Daventry Miniature Race Cars originally opened in 2016 with just two slot car tracks as the owner was clearing out his own loft at home, which was packed with Scalextric tracks and trains, to relocate everything at the vacated unit in Staverton.

“​I have always enjoyed model making. It's one of those hobbies that's grown and grown. I've always collected models as well,” said Sean.

What started out as a hobby with a few slot cars, has now grown into an entertainment venue for all ages and abilities, including accessible features for people such as discounted admission, tailored programming, and sensory-friendly events.

“When people come down here they have the place for themselves. We don't mix groups together.

“It has become very much a social area with different types of people in and we're expanding this year into this escape room,” said Sean.

Sean said his daughter, Gemma Milburn, likes to solve escape rooms. When the Daventry Miniature Race Cars team found themselves with a vacant space available at the venue around Christmas, Sean decided to bring “something different” to the location.

“They're always good fun,” said Sean.

He revealed that the escape game will include an electronic puzzle game.

“It's in the same unit. We haven't got a fixed date yet. We're in the building stage, but I should imagine we would hope to have it up and running by June,” said Sean.

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