Daventry women open support group for people battling cancer

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Two women battling cancer have launched a local support group for people fighting the disease.

A mother-of-two and her friend, who are living with cancer, set up the group for people in Daventry “to uplift one another.”

Sharron Mahony, 56, said she knows from her own experience that support groups can be a lifeline for some people – but that accessing these groups can be challenging.

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Along with her close friend Kim Robins, Sharron launched the Facebook group Find your tribe to offer a safe and supportive space for people to talk, listen, and meet new friends.

Sharron Mahony, one of the founders of the Facebook group Find your tribe, pictured.Sharron Mahony, one of the founders of the Facebook group Find your tribe, pictured.
Sharron Mahony, one of the founders of the Facebook group Find your tribe, pictured.

Sharron said: “There must be lots of people in my situation who are just having to make some pretty big life adjustments because of their diagnosis.

“Everybody's got their own challenges, and it's important to me that the main reason for getting together is to uplift one another and just to keep everybody positive and to make them feel that they're not alone in what they're facing.”

Sharron was diagnosed with stage two lobular breast cancer in April 2021.

“It was a huge shock.

Kim Robins pictured.Kim Robins pictured.
Kim Robins pictured.

“It was awful,” said Sharron.

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Sharron had to retire in July 2023 due to the disease's progression, and she is currently receiving chemotherapy for stage four lobular breast cancer.

Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer at an early stage and is also undergoing chemotherapy at this time.

“I think that the hardest thing when you're diagnosed with cancer, it's obviously awful hearing the news yourself, but for me, the absolute hardest part of it all was telling the people that I loved that I've got the disease.

“It is what it is. And I like to think I've stayed positive and upbeat throughout, and that's really how I've dealt with it,” said Sharron.

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Sharron and Kim founded Find Your Tribe this year in an effort to let others know they are not alone.

“Kim and I realised there’s nothing like just sitting with somebody who's on the same journey and has the same worries and concerns and just sitting there and laughing and crying together.

“We support one another in finding a way through it all, and we just think that there might be people out there that aren't as lucky as us and don't have the same support networks as us. That's why we set up the group,” said Sharron.

The group, which now consists of 22 people, met for the first time on April 24, 2024, at Coffee #1 in Bowen Square.

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“We're so new. We're just finding our feet. We don't meet on a regular day.

“If you're living in Daventry or the surrounding areas and you've got a cancer diagnosis or you've been living with NEAD (no evidence of active disease), then come and join us,” said Sharron.

The group members gather together for tea or coffee and a chat, getting to know each other and learning how best to support one another.

With the help of the Macmillan Cancer Support organisation, Sharron hopes to organise some activities and invite guest speakers to discuss with the members in the future.