Daventry teenager with rare neurological disorder gets his Christmas wish thanks to The Gusher

Christmas has come early for Daventry teenager Henry Jarvill.

By Lucie Green
Tuesday, 21st December 2021, 1:16 pm
Henry gets to work on his next project.
Henry gets to work on his next project.

'Father Christmas' paid a visit to Henry, 15, to present him with every item on his gift wish list.

When the Daventry Express team heard about Henry's daily struggles, they stepped into action.

Community-minded staff at Amazon stepped up to the mark and gifted a band saw, disc sander, craft foam and superglue which will enable him to make more film prop style costumes, a hobby that keeps him interested and occupied as he is rarely able to access school.

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Smiling Henry with his mum, dad and sisters.

Henry’s mother, Noo Jarvill, said: "I can't thank the Daventry Express and Vivek and the team at Amazon Daventry enough for Henry’s lovely gifts.

"Henry copes well and we are very proud of him for continuously pushing through when many days are tough. We are so grateful to Amazon for taking an interest and supporting Henry. These gifts, particularly the band saw will not only enable him to make more advanced costumes, but more, they will boost his morale."

Henry, who is autistic, was just 11 when he went blind without warning, although his sight has now fully been restored. Following numerous hospital admissions and many tests, Henry was diagnosed with a condition called Functional Neurological Disorder, where the nervous system is unable to function properly, and the brain and body cannot communicate as they should. Daily seizures and leg paralysis are just some of the side effects of the condition Henry must endure.

Noo added: "Henry is so ill, but he has accepted his condition and goes from day to day hoping the next will be better – but it rarely is. He needs someone with him 24/7, and that’s just our new way of life - he copes really and we are so proud of him for pushing through when there are many days he has wanted to give up ."

Vivek with the gifts for Henry.

Vivek Khanka, Site Leader at Amazon in Daventry, said: “We are inspired by Henry’s story and his determination to make the most of life. We heard he loves making things and we’re pleased to be able to fulfil his Christmas wish list."

The donation of gifts to Henry was made as part of Amazon’s programme to support the communities in and around its operating locations across the UK.

Amazon is providing disadvantaged students with online STEM courses as well as teaming up with charity partner Magic Breakfast and delivering more than five million healthy breakfasts to families in England.