Daventry Litter Wombles in top gear to help clean up company's grounds

Daventry Wombles have just completed their first organised litterpick on the grounds of a business.

By Lucie Green
Friday, 25th June 2021, 2:22 pm
Volunteers get to work. Picture: Tom Stilgoe Photography.
Volunteers get to work. Picture: Tom Stilgoe Photography.

A group of caring Volvo employee volunteers joined the Wombles to tackle the area around Royal Oak Way North and part of the Heartlands Business Park, up to the pond and back this week.

Nicola Elliott from Northants Litter Wombles organised the litter pick and Mel Shakespeare was Volvo's organiser.

Monica de Bokx, who started the Daventry group, which is a subdivision of Northampton Litter Wombles, said: "The weather was kind to us as we kept it dry, and after everyone was handed a picker, hoop, hi-vis vest and gloves (with thanks to the Northants Litter Wombles for the hoops and hi-vis vests and massive thanks for the donation of litterpick sticks to Volvo) we split into two groups to each tackle a side of the road.

Getting to work...Picture: Tom Stilgoe Photography.

"At the pond we were in for a sad surprise, as instead of finding the beautiful couple of swans with their youngsters we only found a couple of ducks left and a deceased water hen. The irises were blooming, and they were pretty, but we left this area, which is usually much more teeming with wildlife, in a concerned state. Something seems awry there and, if we don’t want to lose this little wildlife area, something is going to need doing."

Monica said it was a pleasure for the Wombles to take the Volvo employees on the litterpick.

She added: "Volvo, as a company, are very committed to both the environment and employee health and well-being and this activity seemed to bring the two together in a positive and constructive way."

Hard work pays off for Wombles and Volvo staff. Picture: Tom Stilgoe Photography.
Getting rid of litter in Daventry. Picture: Tom Stilgoe Photography.