Daventry columnist Kirsty is not a happy woman...

Here's our latest column from Daventry Express columnist Kirsty Beeson.

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 10:22 am
Updated Thursday, 1st July 2021, 10:24 am
Kirsty Beeson.

I have been trying very hard to not get my rant on.

Looking at this from as many angles as possible and attempting to give the benefit of the doubt, but you know what?

I just can’t on this occasion.

Yes, I am cross with Matt Hancock and our government and I feel like such a small fish in the entire ocean, for all I can do about it.

His actions and the response of the Prime Minister are disgusting and are a prime example of exactly how NOT to do your job.

None of the emotions that I feel are about him choosing to cheat on his wife.

I also deep down don’t really have any worries about him using his work facilities for something other than the job. These things have been done many times over by many other people and will continue to happen in workplaces throughout the world.

Where my gripe lies is in his total lack of control to join the entire nation in sacrificing EVERYTHING, sacrificing the basic fundamentals of loving your very own family for the better good, his total lack of pride in his job and not practicing that which he preached.

He preached it so intently and vehemently to us all. He even CRIED on national television just six months ago, as the first vaccinations went ahead and he quoted that he was ‘proud to be British’ also stating that ‘we’ve got to keep sticking to the rules’. His words followed by his actions just beggar belief.

All I continue to think about is the ludicrous nature of this, it is akin to someone being the face of renewable fuels (as he is the face of the health organisation for the UK) and advocating for keeping the world clean and is then photographed at the weekend attending Santa Pod for a high octane car extravaganza! In the rest of the country you would lose your job!

I am therefore also fuming at the total lack of reprimand that followed.

I am in no way holier than thou but I teach my children that you get back what you give, so if you do wrong then you will be reprimanded or punished, if you give out kindness and compassion then you will receive goodness.

How can I sit here telling the future generation to behave?

How can I expect the next set of potential Prime Minister and MP’s to instil good values and do right by the country when those we have voted in, employed and have had no choice but to trust, with their massive salaries and huge egos are currently doing whatever they wish?

Shame on you! What a farce!