Brave Daventry author shares her powerful story of growing up within the constraints of Jehovah's Witnesses

“Imagine if all you knew became a cage with wraparound rules a mile thick. Rules about sex. Rules that were cruel. Rules that made no sense. Rules you were told, repeatedly, were the only true truth.”

By Lucie Green
Friday, 7th January 2022, 9:27 am
Kimberley Miller.

Author Kimberley Miller reveals all in her deeply moving book 'To Go Beneath The Water'.

She told The Gusher: "Growing up within the constraints of the Jehovah’s Witnesses there was an ache so deep to be free, and yet a fear so debilitating about what freedom would mean that for years the only truth I’d ever known kept me quiet, and mostly compliant.

"But then came the roar, the breaking, and the escape. And then the consequences."

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The book.

Kimberley was a young girl terrified of dying at Armageddon; a teenager trying to make sense of what she was force fed to believe was the only truth and a wife and mother desperate to get out of the 'cage' of the Witnesses.

"Yet I was so in fear of what awaited me 'out there'," she said.

She did break free. She rebelled. She spiralled into depression that nearly claimed her life.

Kimblerley said: "I grew up in such a state of fear about anything or anyone different to me that it crippled my world view, a world view that should have been wide open to learning about all sort of things and people.

Kimberley's inspiring book has received powerful reviews.

"Now, more than ever, I believe people are opening up to a better way of being with each other. I really hope the message in this book, and the talks I’m planning at colleges and universities up and down the UK, will help people to see each other in a new light. My youngest reader so far is sixteen, and my eldest eighty-five. Without exception their response to the message of the book has been astonishing. Whether in a religious, cultural or societal context, our beliefs about the world start to take shape from the moment we are born. Looking at those beliefs in a new way is the start of seeing each other in a new way."

Now when she is able, Kimberley volunteers her time at 'Human Library' events, where the books are human stories, and the readers are those who listen, share their thoughts and ask questions in order to achieve greater understanding on a subject they may otherwise have never encountered.

The book has sold copies in the UK, US, Canada, NZ and Spain, with readers deeply moved by what they have read.

To Go Beneath The Water is available on Amazon.