Beautiful baby girls inspire Crick grandparents' award-winning scarecrow exhibit

Meet the two beautiful bundles of joy who inspired a Crick couple to create an award-winning display.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 2:58 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 3:06 pm
Proud grandparents Brian and Jan with the baby girls Harper and Izzie.

Proud grandparents Jan and Brian Colquhoun received the most votes for their 'Nappy Daze' exhibit at the recent Crick Scarecrow Festival.

"We wanted to celebrate the arrival of our gorgeous grandchildren Harper Lily and Izzie Rose in 2021," Jan told The Gusher, after both their son and their daughter had children.

"Brian and I had real fun making it and enjoyed having the real 'scarecrow babies' with us over the weekend of the festival."

Visitors enjoyed the entry.

Visitors and competition voters said the entry was a real 'showstopper' which brought a smile to many faces.

Jan added: "We always feel that if we are doing it we should make an effort and I think people appreciate the little details and a little bit of humour.

"We have always done something personal to our family. First year we did Scotch Corner with Nessie and all things Scottish. Next we did ‘Just Married’ as both our son and daughter got married in 2019."

Izzie will be seven months on Friday and Harper will be five months on Friday.

The display had the most votes.

Jan added: "My son and daughter have a habit of doing things together!"