Don't walk the plank in piratical classic

Treasure IslandTreasure Island
Treasure Island
There will be plenty of swashbuckling and shiver me timbers coming to The Deco Theatre in Northampton.

Treasure Island based on the mich loved book has a magical trip into a world of pirates, adventure and princesses.

Jim Hawkins, Jolly Roger, old Ben Gunn, Billy Bones, Sneaky Beaky and, of course, Long John Silver, star with action aplenty on the high seas. It will be jam-packed with shanties, cheering, booing, puppets,colourful costumes, sets, illusions and maybe even a monkey or two!

The theatrical adaptation was created by Tom Beard.

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He said: “Everyone knows and loves the original pirate story but you won’t have enjoyed the tale quite like this before. We want our audience (both young and old) to get involved with lots of shouting and cheering. We are after non-stop fun and laughter, whilst also staying as close to the original tale as possible.”

It can be seen on Sunday, February 21, at 12.30pm. Tickets cost between £10 and £12 with family tickets costing £40. Visit or call 01604 622749 to book.