Daventry actress’ new film premieres at Cannes

MHDE'Nicola McAdam
MHDE'Nicola McAdam

AN ACTRESS who grew up in Daventry is starring in a new film which will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival

Nicola McAdam, is appearing in the romantic comedy film I know What I’m Doing later this month. She plays Shelley in Robbie Moffatt’s movie alongside Desperate Housewives star Emily Bergl.

She attended Southbrook Junior School and Danetre School before going on to Northampton College.

The world premiere is the screening in the Palais des Festivals at Cannes on Monday May 20.

Filming for I know what I’m doing took place on location in beautiful rural Yorkshire. It is an epic story about love, and the power of fate, even when you’re least expecting it. It is a tale of romance and quaintness in a modern world rushing on.

Nicola said: “The film has a quintessentially British feel, with British characters and a typical British landscape for the mise en scene. It is a typical English estate, with great, realistic characters that are interesting, eccentric and a joy to watch on screen.”

She appears alongside Jonathan Hansler, Jon Paul Gates and the aforementioned Bergl.

The film is slated for its theatrical release in the autumn.