Mixed fortunes for town players

FOR the first match G&Ts took to the court with only six players.

Cummins defenders worked hard to keep up the pressure with some excellent interceptions. There was good centre court play by both teams.

This was an enjoyable game with both attacking players working hard and with both shooters taking every opportunity to score. The game ended Cummins 12, G&Ts 31

Next on court was Hornets and Moulton Meerkats with Hornets only having six players.

A good competative game with both teams keeping the pressure on. Both teams shooters played well. Hornets edged away to get a win with the score Hornets 22, Moulton Meerkats 18.

The third match of the day was Ashmore Phoenix against Flored. Ashmore took a commanding lead in the first two quarters, with Flored keeping up the fight.

Flored shooters were taking every opportunity they could but unfortunately Ashmore Phoenix shooters were the more experienced, so the score ended Ashmore Phoenix 32, Flored 8.

Next match was Helix against Grafton Gate Ladies. This scoreline really didn’t tell the story on court as play was evenly matched.

The main difference being the accuracy of Grafton Gate ladies shooters. There was excellent centre court play by both teams and their defenders had great interceptions. At the final whistle the score was Grafton Gate ladies 42, Helix 12.

The final match of the day was Ashmore Tornadoes versus Fusion. Tornadoes put the pressure on from the start taking a good lead in the first quarter.

Fusions defenders kept the pressure on in the second quarter closing the gap to 10 goals to 16.

Six minutes into the third quarter Fusion sustained an injury to their GK Daisy who had to leave the court. This gave Ashmore Tornadoes a chance to step up their game, which they did, to take the win 36 to 18.