BOWLS: Daventry hold their nerve to claim victory

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Daventry Mixed won at home on Saturday against Kingsthorpe 116-115.

It was a very close match, only won on the very last end.

Captain John Sach presented Margaret Daynes, John O’Connor, Phil Daynes and Pete Mercer with the highest winning rink award.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Hazel Wallage, Barbara Hutt, Gill Wykes & Brian Gelder 17 G Beard 24

Rink 2: June Gelder, Aubrey Wykes, Jennie Mercer & Adge Smith 25 A Spencer 14

Rink 3: Margaret Daynes, John O’Connor, Philip Daynes & Peter Mercer 26 P Bodily 14

Rink 4: Debs Sach, Anne Smith, Barbara Langdon & John Sach 13 Phil Reeve 25

Rink 5: Jim Milburn, Michael Platt, Sue Pernyes & Norman Langdon 22 B Kaye 19

Rink 6: Brian Robbins, Malcolm Payne, Michael Robins & Alan Davies 13 B Brown 19

Luton prove too strong for Mixed

Daventry Mixed team lost at Luton on Thursday 63-88.

Rink scores

Rink 1: Brian Robbins, Debs Sach, Barbara Langdon & John Sach 20 Fred Thisleweight 25

Rink 4: Ken Garlick, Ian Goodwin, Margaret Stevens & Adge Smith 16 D Burton 21

Rink 5: Anthony Robinson, Jennie Mercer, Terry Fuller & Peter Mercer 13 P Jacobs 21

Rink 6: Keith Faulding, Michael Platt, Brian Scott & Norman Langdon 14 R Crunch 21

Langdon leads from front to sink Avon

Daventry mixed team made up for a narrow defeat last week at home, by winning 112-102 at Avon Valley on Sunday.

Captain-on-the-day, Norman Langdon led from the front presenting his own rink with the highest win award.

This was to Jenny Mercer, Barbara Langdon, Richard Holland and Norman Langdon.

Rink scores

Rink 1: June Gelder, Margaret Carty, Brian Gelder & Peter Mercer 21 M Daniels 10

Rink 2: Ken Garlick, Anthony Robinson, Margaret Stevens & Brenda Bishop 17 M Preedy 17

Rink 3: Jim Hicks, John Dugmore, Sue Pernyes & Judy Hicks 11 E North 21

Rink 4: Brian Robbins, Michael Platt, Rhona Holland & Geoff Smith 21 A Barker 22

Rink 5: Jennie Mercer, Barbara Langdon, Richard Holland & Norman Langdon 30 John Brain 7

Rink 6: Graham Ballinger, Malcolm Payne, Michael Robins & Alan Davies 12 D Turner 25