X Factor call on Daventry therapist

Christian Baker with Tamera Foster
Christian Baker with Tamera Foster
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A hypnotherapist from Daventry was hired by the X Factor to help contestant Tamera Foster cope with her nerves.

Christian Baker, who lives and works in Daventry, received a call from X Factor producers on Monday last week asking him to work with the 16-year-old singer.

Tamera has struggled with remembering her lyrics during the last few weeks of the show.

Mr Baker said: “I got the call on Monday and they just wanted me to help her. She’d had a tough couple of weeks.”

Mr Baker, who is a qualified and internationally registered hypnotherapist, travelled to the X Factor house near to the studio in Wembley on Tuesday last week to begin working with Tamera.

He said: “It was chaotic. A few of the contestants were there and members of production. There was lots going on.”

Mr Baker continued to work with Tamera throughout the week as she prepared for her live performance on Saturday night.

Some of the sessions were filmed for the ITV show, which is watched by millions of people each week, while others were in private.

Mr Baker said: “There’s been a lot in the press about Simon Cowell hiring a hypnotherapist to help her learn her lines. But it wasn’t specifically that. She’s only young and it’s a massive show.

“I helped her to deal with the stress, pressure and anxiety and to focus on the words and stop thinking about the negatives.

“I wanted to give her the confidence to do the best she could. She responded really well to it.”

Despite a performance that was praised by the judges, Tamera was voted out of the show on Saturday night.

Mr Baker said: “Her family were grateful and said they were glad to have their daughter back with confidence.”