Woman praises air ambulance

A rider injured after falling from her horse on the Daventry to Staverton road has thanked the air ambulance for their help.

Kelly Lane, 35 and from the Grange in Daventry, also wants to thank passers-by who came to her aid and is asking them to get in touch.

She was riding along the road near the Staverton Park Hotel on Friday January 24.

She said: “My horse, Otis, spooked and reared causing me to be thrown off, landing in the road on my back.

“Otis took off down the main road back towards the yard heading in the direction of oncoming traffic. With my instruction, my friend and fellow rider Sam took off after him on her horse leaving me alone.

“I managed to roll out of the way of the traffic but, realising I had done a lot of damage, could only make it curb side.

“Two kind gentlemen stopped their cars and assisted me, wrapped me in coats to keep me warm and called an ambulance.

“On reflection I was very, very lucky and escaped what could have been a worse situation, the people who stopped to help me managed to stop traffic which could have possibly hit me, took care of the horses and took care of me in a very stressful situation. I never got chance to personally say thank you to all these people.”

Mrs Lane, a mother of five children, has already written to the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance to thank them.

She said: “I would like to thank Mandy and Jess Moody of Ash Tree farm who helped restrain me while being put on the stretcher, placing their vehicles in the road so traffic would not hit me and also helped carry the stretcher to the helicopter

“A lady who lives in the houses opposite Staverton golf course who is a police officer and first aider also assisted and held my hand, I would like to thank her.”

Anyone who helped Mrs Lane and wants to get in touch can call the Gusher on 01327 708284.