UPDATE: Conservative candidate wins Northamptonshire’s police election

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ADAM Simmonds (Con) has been elected as Northamptonshire’s first ever police and crime commissioner.

He and the Labour candidate Lee Barron were in the second round of voting.

Mr Simmonds got 40,923 to Mr Barron’s 30,551.

Mr Barron is legally barred from becoming the commissioner due to a previous minor conviction. The fact was only discovered after the deadline for withdrawing from the election had passed, so his name still appeared on ballots across the county.

The countywide breakdown after the first round was: Adam Simmonds (Con) 30,436; Lee Barron (Lab) 25,098; John Norrie (Ind) 19,276; Jim MacArthur (UKIP) 18,963; Paul Varnsverry (Lib Dem) 7,394. More than 3,000 ballots were spoilt.

The top two candidates then went through to the second count when voters’ second choice votes where taken into account.

If Mr Barron had won the second round the entire vote could have be ruled invalid and the election run again.

In Corby, where there was also a parliamentary by-election, Lee Barron won the PCC vote, and in East Northants more people spoilt their ballots than voted for the Lib Dem candidate.

– In the Daventry district Adam Simmonds (Con) also won most of the votes. Results announced at 1.40pm in Kettering show Adam Simmonds (Con) got 3,757 votes, compared to John Norrie (Ind) with 2,698, Jim MacArthur for UKIP with 1,753, and Paul Varnsverry (Lib Dem) with 644 votes in Daventry district.

Lee Barron received 1,165 votes from Daventry district residents.

Figures released by Daventry District Council show that the overall turn-out for the PCC election in the district was just 16.9 per cent, with 10,288 votes cast.

However, a breakdown shows just 5,417 votes were cast at polling stations on the day with the rest being postal votes.