Teen is set for first chapter of success

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A Daventry teenager is close to becoming a published author after her story became an internet hit.

Bryony Magee, 17, is a head girl at DSLV and a volunteer at Daventry Library, but has found time among her studies to write a story that is now attracting the attention of literary agents.

Bryony started writing and publishing the story online at Wattpad.com, an online committee for writers – and it has more than two million reads.

Bryony, from Manor Road in Daventry, said: “At the end of September 2012 I began posting the beginnings of a teen fiction story, entitled ‘The Popularity Debt’, onto the site, and by Christmas Day I’d finished the book at 154,000 words. It had over 10,000 reads upon completion.

“Two weeks later I was contacted by a lady from the website’s headquarters, based in Canada, who offered my book a spot on the website’s ‘Featured List’.

The book went online on the Featured List on February 7, and during the first two weeks received over 100,000 reads.

“Still determined to pursue my dream of becoming published I began sending submissions out to literary agencies, and within the same week I got a response from an agent at one of London’s biggest literary and talent agencies, who wanted to read the whole manuscript.

“In April I was invited to London for a meeting with the agent, who discussed the book with me in detail and told me that she wanted to help me rewrite it so that it was a lot shorter, ready for traditional publishing.

“It took two months to plan out the new version of the book, but eventually I was given the go-ahead by her to start the rewrite.

“I’m now halfway through the rewrite. The agent represents the estates of authors such as A A Milne and John Steinbeck, as well as many other children’s best-sellers.”