Stepping up to repent for past prejudice

MHDE-22-06-11 PILGRIM JUN66 (3)'Pictured is Symon Hill, who is doing a pilgrimage walk.
MHDE-22-06-11 PILGRIM JUN66 (3)'Pictured is Symon Hill, who is doing a pilgrimage walk.

A CHRISTIAN has passed through Daventry on his own personal pilgrimage.

Symon Hill (pictured) is walking from Birmingham to London to repent for his homophobia, stopping off at the town on Tuesday night.

Mr Hill was born and raised in Daventry, but now lives in London.

He said: “When I became a Christian in my late teens I believed that same-sex relationships were wrong.

“My church was a traditional church and I accepted its teaching because I wanted to fit in.

“However, over time I came to feel that Jesus’ teaching was about loving and that’s much harder than living by a strict set of rules set out by a church.

“I know I hurt individuals that I spoke to at that time and I want to find a way to repent and to reflect on this issue.”

The walk takes the form of a modern-day pilgrimage, with Mr Hill, relying on the good will and support of others, to help him complete the journey by providing him with places to sleep each night.

Mr Hill, who attends both Baptist and Quaker meetings, said: “I’ve had lots of messages from people.

“Some supporting what I’m doing and others from people who disagree with me which is fine, I respect that. I’m not trying to denigrate people or their beliefs.

“I respect anyone who has struggled with this topic and come to a different conclusion to me.

“The important thing is that people really think about the issue and weigh it up in their own minds.”

(MHDE-22-06-11 PILGRIM JUN66 (3))