Speeding scheme has many benefits say police

Villages across the Daventy district have joined the relaunched Speed Watch programme run by Northamptonshire Police.

Newnham became the latest to take part following a meeting held on Tuesday in the village hall.

The Speed Watch programme asks a community to decide whether they want to be involved with the scheme and villagers are then trained to use the speed cameras by police.

The vice chairman of Newnham Parish Council, David Cooke, said: “We had around 10 villagers come to the meeting and we have agreed to take part in the programme as long as we get the agreement of the village.

“I would not say that speeding is a major problem in the village but we want to make sure it does not become one.

“There have been no major incidents and this is more designed to be a preventative measure.

“In Newnham, we are between the A361 and the A45 so people do tend to use the village as a bit of a rat-run.”

He is also hoping the scheme would have a similar success as last time.

Cllr Cooke added: “When we had a SpeedWatch in the village before, it was pretty pleasing. Even having people in the yellow jackets changes the driving patterns of some motorists and anything which does that has to help.”

Other villages that have already signed up to the scheme include Byfield and Preston Capes.