School turns to social media to beat weather

ONE of the first impacts of the snowy weather was on the local schools.

Most shut early on Friday and remained closed on Monday.

At Weedon Bec Primary headteacher Anthony Withyman and the rest of the staff tried to make the best out of the situation.

He said: “We put on the school blog for people to keep me posted about the conditions in Weedon, which really helped.

“When I decided not to open the school on Monday we put the message out on Facebook, our website and blog on the Sunday to give people notice.

“During Monday we thought it would be good if we could give the children at home some tasks, so each year group was set an activity themed around events.

“And finally on Monday at 2pm I asked for all staff for whom it was safe to come in and clear the school. We ended up with 15 staff, family members and some children working.

“The response we had from parents was wonderful. They were happy we had let them know about the school closures and they submitted photos that went on the web of their children’s work.

“It just reaffirms your belief in community, and gives you that warm feeling inside.

“I just want to thank everyone for their hard work, and I think we’ve managed to turn a negative situation into something positive.”