Weedon resident puzzled by mystery metal

A Weedon resident has complained to Daventry District Council after one of his recycling boxes was left full of scrap metal and electrical equipment after the weekly collection.

The pensioner, who does not wish to be named, claims he found several items, including a car radio and an extension lead, in his blue recycling box last week.

“The box was left on the other side of the road and it was full of all this scrap metal,” he said. “It was so heavy that my daughter could not carry it back in.

“This kind of rubbish should have been taken to the dump by whoever threw it out but I am furious with the council that it ended up in my box.”

Maria Taylor, community manager at Daventry District Council, said on Tuesday: “We reported the matter to our waste collection partners as soon as we were informed of it and the items are due to be removed by a fly-tipping crew today.”