New electoral register launched in Daventry district

Major changes to modernise the way people register to vote have come into force this week.

The new system of Individual Electoral Registration (IER) was introduced in England and Wales by the Government on Tuesday, June 10.

Under IER, people no longer apply to register to vote as a household but as an individual.

The majority of people in Daventry District who are already on the electoral register will not have to do anything as a result of the changes, as they will be automatically transferred onto the new register.

In Daventry district, there are about 61,000 people registered to vote and Daventry District Council estimates that about 55,000 of these will be transferred automatically – this happens because their details can be automatically and securely matched against government records to confirm who they are.

The remaining 6,000 people not automatically transferred will receive a letter in August explaining exactly what they must do to re-register under the new system. The information requested in that letter must be provided by law.

For people registering for the first time, there is a new online service at takes just five minutes to register securely using your National Insurance number as well as a few other details such as your name and date of birth.

Ian Vincent, returning officer at Daventry District Council, said: “IER has been introduced to modernise and simplify the way people register to vote while improving confidence in the electoral register. The new process is quicker, more convenient and it makes the electoral register more secure.

“If you are not on the register you can’t vote and won’t get a say in how the country, or your council, is run. Being on the register is also proof of your identity and is often used by credit reference agencies and mortgage companies when people apply for credit, in order to counteract fraud.”

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