Motorists warned of jewellery scam

POLICE are warning drivers in the district about a jewellery scam being seen across the county.

They say a group of men flag down vehicles offering to sell gold jewellery to drivers that later turns out to be fake.

A number of incidents have been reported across the county including London Road, Braunston, the A14 at Welford, Rothersthorpe Road in Kislingbury, High Street, Weedon and Kettering Road, Islip.

Offenders are said to flag down cars and telling the driver they have run out of fuel and have no money on them. They will then offer to exchange gold jewellery for cash.

Where money is exchanged, the buyer will later discover that the jewellery they have purchased is fake.

A police spokesman said: “We are unsure whether this is one group or several groups operating this scam.

“We would urge motorists who find themselves approached to refuse any offers of jewellery, to take in as much information about the offenders as possible and to contact us on 101.”

Alternatively, information can be given anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.