Mike takes on an epic skydiving challenge

Skydiver Mike McGrath
Skydiver Mike McGrath
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A former Daventry resident will be taking on a skydive with a difference later this month.

Mike McGrath, who grew up in the town will be doing the Skydive Earth Sandwich Project. The former Grange Comprehensive pupil explains: “I was inspired by internet performance artist Ze Frank and his 2006 earth sandwich idea, We will perform the world’s first simultaneous antipodal skydive where two people will be in freefall at opposite ends of the planet at exactly the same time. The goals are to have a little fun, help people think outside the box, showcase how today we are living in a connected world and do something that has never been done before.” Mr McGrath now lives in Australia but was visiting friends and family in the town before setting off for Lillo in central Spain where he will be doing his jump on Sunday, September 22. Mr McGrath added: “I will be one side of the world doing the jump and a friend of mine Chuck Berry will be at the exact opposite side of the earth in New Zealand where he will be doing his jump and we hope to create an Earth sandwich.” For further details about the jump and the planning of the jump, visit canwefly.com.