‘Skate park is dangerous’

Toni Shepherd with her daughter Sky who was injured at the abandoned skate park.

Toni Shepherd with her daughter Sky who was injured at the abandoned skate park.

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A mother has appealed for the removal of a dangerous skate park after her daughter was left injured.

The plea has gone out to Daventry District Council by Toni Shepherd, from Portland Close on the Southbrook estate, after her daughter Sky was hurt at the abandoned skate park on the nearby Fishponds.

The closed skate park on the Fishponds in Daventry

The closed skate park on the Fishponds in Daventry

She said: “It happened on the Friday night.

“The skate park is not far from the house and we heard this massive scream coming from the park.

“I didn’t think anything of it until I got a knock at the door saying that Sky had been injured. We then got down there and saw she had injured her leg. We called the hospital and it was then we started noticing some blisters on her leg and was then sent to Northampton General Hospital.”

Sky was left with her leg injured and has had to spend time off school. Mrs Shepherd added: “She has not been able to do PE, she can’t do any swimming and it is a shame. Especially with the summer holidays coming up.

“When she is asked to go and play by her friends, that is what she wants to do. And now she can’t do that.”

She says that she is one of several parents who have complained to DDC about the skate park and called for its removal.

Mrs Shepherd added: “We have all been saying the skate park is dangerous for ages to the council and then something like this happens.

“When we phoned the council after the accident, we had no apology or no information from them about when they might remove the skate park. That is why I put the formal complaint in because I was not happy.”

Simon Bowers, business manager at Daventry District Council, said: “We are sorry to hear of this injury and hope the child recovers soon.

“The skate park at The Fishponds has been closed and fenced off because the equipment is no longer safe to play on.”

He also confirmed there are plans to remove the skate park but there is no timescale for the plans.

Mr Bowers added: “We are in the process of arranging for its removal. In the meantime people should make no attempt to gain entry or use the equipment.

“There is an excellent skate park in the New Street Recreation Ground in Daventry town centre and we would urge people to make use of those facilities.”

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