Operation to protect vehicles

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POLICE have launched an operation to help owners keep their vehicles secure as roaming gangs steal catalytic converters.

The operation was launched at the Night Owl Truck Stop off the A5 on Friday. It comes after statistics show that since 2008, 116 catalytic converters have been stolen from the Daventry district.

Police believe gangs from all over the country are stealing the converters which are expensive to replace and valuable to thieves because of the rare metals inside.

Chief Inspector Tom Thompson said: “The implications for the victim of a catalytic convertor theft are huge.

“They will be left with a vehicle that cannot be used until a replacement is fitted at a cost of between £500 and £1,000.

“This is expensive and inconvenient and may also bring lost earnings and increased insurance premiums.

“For business victims, the outcomes are often worse as van and lorry parts have higher replacement costs and taking a commercial vehicle off the road will incur significant losses in revenue.”

A free catalytic converter marking event will be held today (Thursday) at Drayton Fields MOT Station in the town from 9am until 3.30pm.




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